About NICRO Enterprise

about nicro enterprise

NICRO recently embarked on a strategic plan, Vision 2020, which aims to ensure that the organisation becomes more self-sufficient and less dependent on grant and donor funding. This world-class sustainability strategy incorporates securing significant alternative revenue streams to complement donor funds, decrease reliance on funders, ensure long-term sustainability and secure more financial resources for its projects and services.


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Private and Public Sector CSI spend

More than 100 years of work in Social Development space with a focus on crime prevention and offender rehabilitation and integration

Private and public sector procurement spend

Commercial space with a focus on mobilising NICRO resources towards income generation for the NPO

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What Socio-economical factors are impacting on your staff?

  • A total of 27 million crimes committed during 2014/15 – that is about 2.27 million crimes per month
  • 1 in 4 people are unemployed – (26.4% of the working population) – Expect higher taxes/higher social welfare/increase burden on family for general workers specifically
  • Cost of living (consumer goods/homes/education) increasing year on year
  • Many communities under siege by gangs and affected by alcohol and drug abuse, homelessness

Impact on South Africas workforce

  • Reduces Productivity
  • Increase absenteeism
  • Decrease staff motivation
  • Substance abuse
  • Increase levels of anxiety
  • Increase in theft

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