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The goal is to achieve long-term sustainability through a reversal of the total revenue split, where grants and donations contribute less than half of the overall NICRO budget requirements by 2020. NICRO will realise this vision by achieving majority revenue generation through the various activities of its for-profit company, NICRO Enterprise (Pty) Ltd. NICRO Enterprise has specifically been established to achieve social and economic value for the NICRO Non-Profit Organisation through innovative and sustainable business practices and business units.


NICRO Enterprise (Pty) Ltd is committed to TURNING LIVES AROUND. Our mission is to strengthen, empower and educate South African corporates, schools, communities, families and individuals against every day crime challenges by assisting with our professional trauma and crisis counselling services and Turn Around Programmes.


Our vision is to be the number one service provider in South Africa in TURNING LIVES AROUND within corporates, schools, individuals, families and communities. This we will achieve through our creative and consistent service delivery to South African corporates, schools and communities through partnering with them. Our vision captures the essence of who we are.


The foundation of the values of NICRO Enterprise (Pty) Ltd was instilled by the parent company NICRO. With more than a century of expertise and lessons learnt, the core values of NICRO Enterprise (Pty) Ltd echoes that of NICRO.

Turning lives around. We do this with passion, heart and balance. Everything we do flow from our core values.


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